Seasonal Specials
yin yang 6.95

original fruity cocktail with hazelnut notes – absolut vodka, raspberries, blackberries, hazelnut liqueur, apple juice, served with a shot of lychee sake, apple and homemade ginger pepper syrup

tears of hibiscus 6.95

a wonderful infusion of chinese tea and citrus - white peony infused absolut vodka, orange juice, hibiscus and lemon, served with an edible wild hibiscus flower








dragonfly dream 6.95

a delicious and unusual blend – buffalo trace bourbon, absolut vodka, campari, cranberry juice, lemon and grenadine

long and short
lemongrass and lime 6.95

finlandia vodka, lemongrass, limes and lychee juice

ping pong 6.05

martini bianco, white wine and lychee juice served with asian basil seeds, so good we put our name on it!

ginger and limoncello caipirinha 6.85

traditional brazilian drink gets an extra dose of sharp flavours – germana cachaca, limoncello, fresh ginger, limes and a chambord float

hong kong colada 6.55

classic tropical cocktail with a twist – bacardi superior rum, abruzzo liqueur, coconut and pineapple juice with lime wedges and goji berries

wasabi and amaretto sour 6.55

sweet rich almond flavours with a hot after taste – amaretto disaronno, fresh lemon juice, angostura bitters and wasabi

long and short
ginseng passion 7.15

fresh and citrusy with floral aromas and honeyed bitterness – kamm & sons ginseng spirit, fresh passion fruit, lemon juice , lavender infused honey and ginger ale

kumquat mojito 6.95

bacardi superior rum, limes, mint leaves and kumquats

hibiscus spritz 6.95

a beautiful cocktail served with a whole hibiscus flower set in an ice block, prosecco and st. germain elderflower partnered with blackcurrant and homemade hibiscus soda

smoked nashi negroni 6.95

served short over a sphere of smoked ice – this is a cocktail to remember, bombay sapphire gin, dolin rosso vermouth, campari, merlet william pear liqueur

strawberries and and aloe vera foam 7.45

served short with a delicious foam float - fresh strawberries, lemon, cabrito blanco tequila, organic limoncello topped with aloe vera foam

vanilla chilli sidecar 7.15

sweet citrus with hints of chilli - martell vs cognac, fresh lemon juice, triple sec, vanilla and chilli

flaming passion fruit 6.95

classic martini with a twist – served with a flaming wray and nephew float, 4-year old flor de caña rum, bacardi superior rum and fresh passion fruit

lychee and roses 6.55

elegant martini – beefeater gin, rose petals, fresh lemon juice and lychee juice

oriental sour apple 7.45

a classic apple martini with a sour kick, shaken with absolut orient apple vodka, fuji apple sake’, fresh lime juice, shatkora citrus and homemade sour-apple sugar

aged plum manhattan 7.45

ping pong’s manhattan - barrel-aged in handmade wooden cask with rye whiskey, kishu monogatari plum wine, dolin rosso and dry vermouth, guangzhou bitters and cherry

basil jade 6.95

light and refreshing – basil leaves, finlandia vodka, limoncello, lemon with topped with fresh ground black pepper

osmanthus bellini 7.05

aromatic cocktail, peach liqueur infused with osmanthus tea, peach purée, guangzhou bitters and prosecco

strawberry and hibiscus bellini 7.25

sweet with a subtle kick, strawberries, pimento dram bitters, hibiscus and prosecco

xian champagne cocktail 11.95

asian flavours with champagne, courvoisier vs, orange and oriental bitters

White Wines 175ml / 750ml
turckheim tradition pinot blanc, fr 27.55

with hints of peaches and citrus, faint spice and crisp finish to balance

moko black sauv blanc, nz 7.00/25.95

award winning crisp and zesty sauvignon from marlborough

mirabello pinot grigio, it 5.95/22.55

a fresh, dry white with gentle floral and citrus aromas, crisp and delicate on the palate with lightly honeyed fruit

sierra grande sauv blanc, ch 5.45/19.95

crisp, leafy sauvignon with mouth-watering floral and gooseberry flavours

el tesoro verdejo, sp 4.35/16.85

aromas of stone fruit with a light and refreshing taste

Red Wines 175ml/750ml
el tesoro bonarda malbec, ar 6.60/25.95

award winning malbec notes of spice and dark fruit, with smooth and round finish

marktree cab sav merlot, au 6.00/22.95

appealing aromas of berries combined with light peppery spiced flavours to produce a smooth and balanced finish

il meridione nero d’avola, it 5.25/19.55

this light sicilian varietal has berry and smoky flavours, with a hint of chocolate and fine tannins

pasquiers grenache noir, fr 4.35/16.85

from the deep south of france, intense berry fruit, vanilla, liquorice, sweet spice and cinammon

Rosé Wines 175ml/750ml
burlesque white zinfandel, us 5.95/21.95

typical light strawberry notes on the nose supported by a bright, fruit packed palate

sanvigilio pinot grigio blush, it 5.45/19.95

a delicious rose with a pale rose colour, delicately scented - the ripe berry fruit fill the palate with good acidity and a dry finish

prosecco 125ml/750ml
le dolce colline prosecco spumante, veneto, it 6.95/25.95

this classic prosecco is delicate on the palate with light green fruit flavour, perfect to celebrate any occasion

Champagne 125ml/750ml
perrier-jouët grand brut nv, fr 12.00/49.95

rich balanced fruit and succulent flavours - a beautiful champagne

sho chiku bai (hot sake) 9.95

275ml jug

mio sparkling sake (cold sake) 12.95

fruity and refreshing with sweet aromas - crafted in the traditional brewing style, with rice, spring water and koji

chivas regal 12 year old whisky 7.15

(40%) 50ml

rebel yell bourbon 6.35

(40%) 50ml

martell vs cognac 6.95

(40%) 50ml

finlandia vodka 6.00

(40%) 50ml

beefeater gin 6.00

(40%) 50ml

cabrito blanco tequila 6.50

(38%) 50ml

bacardi superior rum 6.00

(37.5%) 50ml

beers and ciders
Tsingtao (330ml bottle) 4.05
Tsingtao (640ml bottle) 6.95
asahi (330ml bottle) 4.15
sun lik (draught pint) 4.55

available at ping pong wembley only

asahi (draught pint)* 4.65

*available at ping pong wembley, bow bells house and st katharine docks only

beers and ciders
orchard pig reveller apple medium (500ml, abv 4.5%) 4.50
rekorderlig passionfruit (500ml, abv 4.0%) 5.00
rekorderlig orange-ginger (500ml, abv 4.0%) 5.00
6 x tsingtao (bucket of 330ml bottles) 19.75
6 x asahi (bucket of 330ml bottles) 20.75
beers and ciders
10 x tsingtao (bucket of 330ml bottles) 29.75
10 x asahi (bucket of 330ml bottles) 31.15
goji berries, mango and mint 3.35

sweet and minty - energy-boosting goji berries, mango juice and peppermint leaves

basil lemonade 3.25

fizzy and fabulously refreshing – fresh basil, sparkling lemonade, fresh limes with ginger and lemongrass cordial

pineapple, coconut and lime 3.25

fragrant and exotic – pineapple juice, coconut purée and fresh lime

lemon and lychee 3.25

zesty zing cocktail – lemon wedges and vanilla sugar muddled with lychee juice

pear and elderflower 3.25

deliciously put together nashi pear, limes, elderflower cordial, fresh apple juice topped with soda

Iced teas
Strawberry and vanilla 3.05

strawberry purée, vanilla sugar and jasmine iced tea served with tasty asian basil seeds

lemongrass and jasmine 2.95

lemongrass muddled with jasmine iced tea

passion fruit and lime 2.95

fresh limes shaken with passion fruit and jasmine iced tea with asian basil seeds

lychee and ginger 2.95

fresh ginger slices shaken with lychee juice and jasmine iced tea

red jasmine 2.95

delightful and original - a must try! - tamarillo, mint and jasmine iced tea

Fresh lemonade
Lemonade 2.95
Strawberry 3.15
Passion fruit 3.15
peach 3.15
Soft drinks
Juices: lychee, pineapple, cranberry, tomato, passion fruit, mango 2.35
Fresh apple juice 2.75
Fresh orange juice 2.75
fresh pink grapefruit juice 2.75
Still spring water (750ml) 3.20
Soft drinks
Sparkling spring water (750ml) 3.20
Pepsi (300ml) 2.25
Diet pepsi (300ml) 2.25
Ginger ale 2.25
Ginger beer 2.25
Soft drinks
Tonic water 2.25
Soda water 1.25
slimline tonic water 2.25
Rare & gourmet teas
Jasmine pearls 3.00

light and flowery - hand-rolled and scented with fresh jasmine flowers

chocolate black tea 3.00

smooth, rich black tea of malty assam and china black blended with cocoa nibs and vanilla pod

yellow tea: huo mountain yellow buds 2.65

refreshing with a light toasty edge - delicate notes of pea and hazel sweetness

Black tea: Keemun Gongfu 2.65

light, lively and clean - with or without milk

Green Tea: Organic jade sword 2.65

refreshingly grassy with a hint of seaweed

Rare & gourmet teas
white tea: white peony 2.65

pure and thirst-quenching with a touch of sweet melon

Oolong tea: Yellow gold oolong 2.65

fresh, zesty and bright - perfect with aromatic and spicy food

Scented tea: Lychee red black 2.65

elegant, sweet and soft -  aroma of asian fruits

lapsang souchong 2.65

delicate smoke notes with hazel-sweet freshness

Flowering teas
Flowering jasmine and lily 3.00

a tower of jasmine blossoms on a base of lily petals and green tea

Flowering Dragon Eye 3.00

green tea buds topped with a chrysanthemum and an arch of jasmine flowers

Emperor’s crown 3.00

a nest of green tea buds topped with a vibrant red flower crown

Herbal infusions
Blackcurrant and hibiscus 2.10

fresh and sweet - juicy blackcurrant and tart hibiscus

Camomile 2.10

fresh, and light – perfect for relaxing after a Dim Sum feast

Mint tea 2.10

fresh mint leaves, the perfect aid to digestion

lemon verbena 2.10

fragrant verveine leaves, with a light buttery taste and a subtle lemon scenting

Espresso 1.80
Double espresso 2.10
Macchiato 2.00
Cappuccino 2.30
Latte 2.30
Americano 2.10
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