Exclusive at Wembley!

Exclusive at Wembley!

Wembley Spring and Summer Specials

Choose two items for £8.00 or three for £10.00

Wembley Spring and Summer Specials!

Packed full of seasonal vegetables, these delicious dumplings are available exclusively at Ping Pong Wembley only!

tofu and vegetable dumplings, v - £4.50
​mushroom and herb dumplings, v - £4.50
​aubergine and pearl barley dumplings, v - £4.50
​mixed mushroom buns, v - £4.50
​cauliflower and edamame dumplings, v - £4.50
​bean curd parcels, v - £4.50
​mushroom rice medallions, v - £4.50
​fun guo dumplings - £4.50

​v - vegetarian




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