Lunch Basket

Fast, filling, fabulous! Designed to be the perfect “lunch bite on the go” or your afternoon vegan treat with a cheeky cocktail or two.

10  pieces of dim sum in one basket for only £9.95, including a delicious sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf, ready on your table before you can blink!

As an added bonus, all of our lunch baskets are under 500 calories!

Choose from our Classic with a selection of the all time Ping Pong faves or the Vegan, healthy plant based parcels of joy!

Available weekdays until 5.30pm.

Ping Pong Lunch basket

Lunch Basket Items

- spicy chicken dumpling
- prawn and chive dumpling
- spinach and mushroom dumpling
- chicken and cashew nut dumpling
- har gau
- 2 steamed quinoa gyozas
- golden vegetable dumpling
- spicy vegetable dumpling
- vegetable sticky rice

- 3 spicy vegetable dumplings
- 2 spinach and mushroom dumplings
- 2 golden vegetable dumplings
- 2 steamed quinoa gyozas
- vegetable sticky rice