Lunch Bento Box £11.95


This isn’t just any lunch; it’s your lunch, designed to be as unique as you are. Your midday meal should be more than just a pit stop in your day; it’s an opportunity to make your lunch truly personal.

With three dumpling choices and three main course options, there are a total of nine unique combinations waiting for you to discover. Tailor your Bento Box lunch to your taste, every time you visit!

Available at 4 Ping Pong locations*, until 5pm on weekdays only 

*THE DIM SUM-SIZED PRINT: Lunch Bento Box is available on request at Ping Pong Soho, Southbank, St Christopher’s Place, and St Katharine Docks only, not available at Ping Pong Bow Bells House.

Lunch Bento Box Seyt Menu

Craft it your way!

At Ping Pong, we're bringing you an exciting new lunch experience that's big on taste and easy on your wallet. For just £11.95, you get a complete Bento Box meal with 9 delicious combination to explore.


Fixed Serving
Your Bento Box comes with a base serve of steamed jasmine rice, a bowl of edamame, and two vegetable spring rolls.

Mix and Match Your Way
Choose Your Dumplings: Pick from three tempting options – chicken gyoza, spinach & mushroom, or seafood dumplings. Mix and match to your heart's content!

Select Your Main
Customize your meal further by selecting your main course. Options include crispy tofu, soy-marinated chicken skewers, and our beloved chicken katsu curry.

With 9 tasty combos, you've got dim-sumthing for every day of the week. Make it personal, and craft your unique Bento Box experience!

The Dim Sum-Sized Print

Please note, Lunch Bento Box is available on weekdays until 5pm only at Ping Pong Soho, Southbank, St Christopher's Place and St Katharine Docks, not available at Ping Pong Bow Bells House. This offer is available for up to 6 people per table, not available for pre-orders or takeaway.
Bento Box items are subject to availability, consequential substitutions may apply.

Although we separate ingredients and clean down all work areas and equipment, the presence of allergenic ingredients in our kitchens means we cannot guarantee any of our dishes are free of those allergens. If you have a severe allergy we would advise our menu may not be suitable for you. If you have any questions at all, please speak to a member of our team. If you have a food allergy or intolerance please let us know before you order. We take allergies very seriously and we work hard to provide a wide choice to fit a range of dietary needs. Our Allergen Matrix is available from our team on request and specifies allergens present by dish. Please note: all our dishes and drinks may contain traces of nuts, nut oils or egg. Please be aware: shrimp is a common ingredient used in many forms of Asian cooking.