A Plantiful Selection


We have some exciting news for all our Vegan friends!

We have nearly doubled the size of our vegan collection.

Discover all the exciting new entries, from nibbles to dumplings and baos, all made with plant-based ingredients and fresh whole veggies all wrapped up with our signature Asian twist.

Good for your tummy, good for the planet, what more to ask?

No meat, what a treat!

Living the vegan life has never "bean" easier!
Delve into our plantiful selection of plant-based new dishes, from succulent dumplings to fully green set menus, we have loads to fill up those tummies.

Not to miss, our incredible plant-based meat alternative dishes, made in collaboration with our innovative friends at Omni Foods and Eat Planted. Discover them all!

Sichuan Vegan Noodles £9.45
Chunky flat wheat noodles served with plant-based meat alternative in light Sichuan spices, steamed bok choi, coriander, freshly chopped spring onion and chilli.

Vegan Katsu Curry Rice Bowl 7.65
Plant based golden fillet in light & crispy batter, served on a bed of fragrant steamed jasmine rice, with edamame, kimchi, sprinkled with black & white toasted sesame, served with curry sauce.

Vegan Golden Fillet Bao £16.85
4 fluffy white steamed buns served with lightly battered plant-based golden fillet sprinkled with Sichuan spices, fresh cucumber and coriander, served with sweet chilli sauce.

Vegan Pulled Pork Spring Roll £7.80
Pea protein based mock pork, carrots, green bean and spring onion wrapped in a crispy spring roll pastry.

Vegan Pork Griddled Dumpling £6.85
Plant-based mock pork, sautéed in curry spices with crunchy water chestnut, celery, edamame, black fungus, shallot and a hint of garlic, wrapped in wheat flour pastry and griddled.