Summer à la Ping Pong

Our dim sum geniuses and expert mixologists have picked the best ingredients of the season to create a fusion menu packed with fresh flavours and lots of personality.

From fresh salads to dumplings and crispy bites, our  specials are screaming Dim-Summer at every chopstickful!

All perfectly accompanied by two incredible cocktail creations, a vibrant mocktail and a thirst quenching iced tea.


Dim-Summer Specials

The menu includes a fresh & vegan chilli cucumber starter, a new griddled dumpling, a finger-licking fried chicken dish, and two fresh salads to choose from shredded roast duck or fragrant tofu sticks. Finishing off with a "fruitsome" pudding for the joy of those one with a sweet tooth.


Fresh, flavoursome & fun drinks

Boozy or not, our drinks concoction are a must try this summer, the silkiness of our pisco peach will teleport you to exotic location at the first sip, for the more adventurous palates our bar gurus are serving up a collins with a Asian citrusy soul and to quench your thirst, they came up with a fruitilicious macaroon & raspberry mocktail and a refreshing cucumber & apple iced tea.