Summer à la Ping Pong

Our dim sum geniuses and expert mixologists have picked the best ingredients of the season to create a menu packed with fresh flavours and lots of fun.

From fresh salads to crispy bites and dessert, our specials are screaming Dim-Summer at every chopstickful!

All perfectly accompanied by a refreshing cocktail creation, a vibrant mocktail and a thirst quenching iced tea.

The limited edition menu will be available across all Ping Pongs from Tuesday 6th of June.


Dim-Summer Specials

Get ready for a dining experience that'll take your taste buds on a Summer adventure.

Start your journey with a refreshing Baby Spinach Salad, showcasing crisp greens, vibrant ingredients, and a harmonious medley of flavors that will awaken your palate.
Next up, savor the tangy and crispy perfection of our signature Crispy Lemon Chicken. Each bite is an explosion of succulent chicken coated in a zesty lemon-infused batter, leaving you craving for more.

For a truly unforgettable sharing experience, indulge in our irresistibly moreish Crispy Chicken Katsu Curry Sharing Bao. Picture golden-fried chicken nestled within a fluffy bao bun, smothered in a luscious, aromatic curry sauce. It's a flavor sensation that will have you reaching for seconds.

And as the grand finale, meet the cutest dessert creation you've ever laid your eyes on. Our Black Cococnut Ice-cream Bao, fall in love with the ultimate sweet treat that will leave you smiling with every little bite.


Fresh, flavoursome & fun drinks

Boozy or not, our drinks concoction are a must try this summer, introducing our delightful trio of new drinks, carefully crafted to invigorate your senses, delight your taste buds, and quench your thirst.

First up, we have the Aperol Jasmine Spritz. This sophisticated and refreshing cocktail features a perfect blend of Aperol, jasmine tea infusion, bubbly, and a dash of soda. Served with a garnish of an orange slice, it's a delightful combination that balances the bitter-sweet orange flavors of Aperol with the aromatic notes of jasmine tea.

Next on the list is the Kumquat, Apple & Elderflower Mocktail. This invigorating mocktail includes fresh kumquats, apple juice, and a touch of elderflower cordial. Served over ice and garnished with a slice of orange, it's a fruity and refreshing blend that will awaken your senses.

Last but not least, we present the Lychee & Ginger Iced Tea. This thirst-quenching beverage combines the sweetness of lychee with a zing of fresh ginger, all served over ice for a cooling effect. It's the perfect fusion of flavors to keep you refreshed and hydrated.